Things to Remember in Repairing a Rolex

Are you capable of repairing a Rolex, your own Rolex? Do you see yourself doing it?

Can you picture yourself laboring, poring through all those moving parts of one of the most premium timepieces ever made and crafted?

A Rolex watch is very durable, made to last an entire lifetime. Some Rolex watches even outlive their owners. However, Rolex watches will get worn out over time. Eventually, Rolex watches will require maintenance.

Repairing a Rolex watch can be done if you take a note of a few things.

Guides for Repairing a Rolex

Using the Internet, if one wishes to learn about repairing a Rolex, there is a huge plethora of information that can be accessed. There are many online guides that can be found on the Web, complete with details for Rolex watch models. There are also online forums dedicated to Rolex watches. There are also sites which relate personal experiences of watch owners, about repairing a Rolex they have.

Repairing a Rolex for Minimal Damage

Yes, the task of repairing a Rolex might seem Herculean and bordering on the highly complicated plane, but it isn’t impossible, especially if the damage is minor or minimal. Given enough time and patience, repairing a Rolex for small damages can be done by anyone.

Repairing a Rolex with the Right Tools

As said earlier, a Rolex watch is no ordinary time piece. It has several moving parts, many of which are very sensitive. Before you commence to repairing a Rolex, make sure you have the right tools for the job. You will need stuff like precision screwdrivers and fine wedges; you’ll also need tools like spring bars and maybe a hand held magnifying glass. These are just some of the tools needed in repairing a Rolex.

Giving a Guy a Men’s Watch

men's watchPlanning a gift for a guy? You should definitely consider giving him a men’s watch. Your gift would be greatly appreciated. Most people would think that giving watches as gifts are somewhat overkill, not only extra special, but perhaps too special. I suggest you give him a preowned rolex which is easy on your wallet and a great watch, but there are many options. Be sure to have a proper rolex service before you give it to him as they will polish it and make it look like new.

Maybe it’s because of the fact that no person would frown upon receiving a watch; in fact anyone would be jumping in delight. And that includes any man who receives a men’s watch. Just think of these several places where he can make use of it.

Men’s Watch Used for Outdoors

Guys love the outdoors. Whether it’s to play sports, travel, or hanging out with other guys, there’s nothing like being outdoors. And the experience is further enhanced further with men’s watch models for that. There are many men’s watch models for the outdoors like the sports watches made by Casio and the adventure models by Luminox, Rudy Project and Nautica.

Men’s Watch for Formal Occasions

Formal occasions are where we look best. Along with the designer suits for the men, what better way to accessorize a man’s formal outfit than to pair it with great men’s watch models? There are lots of great, formal men’s watches like the ones from Rolex, Seiko and Rado. These models are pretty high-end; plated with gold and even adorned with precious stones.

Men’s Watch for Everyday Use

Who wouldn’t want a watch he can use every day? Whether it’s off to work, eating someplace nice with the family, or just being around the house, the best and most loved watches are the ones we almost can’t live without. Men’s watch models for everyday use not only blend themselves with whatever worn, it also enhances your image be it casual, rugged or clean-cut. Men’s watch models that belong to these come from brands like Tag Heuer, Tissot, Fossil and Omega.

Shopping For Diamonds Online

diamonds onlineFor those who love jewelry, getting diamonds is something they would really love and buying diamonds online seem to be the new norm.

The way a diamond sparkles and flashes, it is absolutely breathtaking. In addition, diamonds are almost indestructible. And their value also appreciates, which makes them a good investment.

Looking for the best diamonds can be tricky. Shopping for diamonds can be made easier if you do it online. There are some advantages to getting diamonds online.

Buying Diamonds Online For More Options

The best thing about buying diamonds online is being able to browse a much wider selection, giving you more options and choices. Unlike regular jewelry stores, online stores that sell diamonds can display their entire inventory. Using online galleries, you’ll be able to browse every piece of jewelry they have, from the smallest karat to the best diamonds cuts they can offer.

Looking For Diamonds Online With Better Deals

Stores that sell diamonds online can offer bigger discounts than jewelry stores that sell the same jewelry. Why? Unlike typical jewelry stores, online stores have lesser expenses. They don’t have to pay for rent, lighting, security and other expenses unlike jewelry stores, like those operating in shopping malls. So try a coupon to get the benefit of this type of retailer. Thus, dealers who sell diamonds online can offer them at a bargain. You can get better deals and better prices when you shop for diamonds online.

Shopping For Diamonds Online Is Definitely More Convenient

People who plan to buy diamonds might like to do some window shopping first. But sometimes windows shopping can be tiring especially if you need to do some traveling, on the road and on foot. Online stores that offer diamonds online can solve that.

You can do your window shopping online. No need to travel. That way, once you’ve chosen the diamonds you like, all that’s probably left is for you to pick them up. Now isn’t shopping for your diamonds online more convenient?

Sterling Silver – Your Affordable Silver

sterling silverOne of the most popular precious metals is silver while sterling silver is also a popular jewelry. Silver gives you that shiny, grayish white finish which is absolutely dazzling especially when seen at night.

Silver is quite rare these days, thus items whose silver content is very high can fetch a very high price. Also, an item whose silver content is too high becomes brittle and not so durable. Thus, silver is combined with other less expensive metals to create alloys. The alloy of silver is called sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Is Less Expensive

There are many forms of sterling silver, depending on the alloy used. The most common is copper. The alloy of Sterling silver and copper is less expensive and very affordable for many people, be it for jewelry, dinnerware, or many other items used every day. Because the cost of sterling silver is low, it is marketable everywhere.

Appreciate the Beauty of Sterling Silver

While jewelry made from sterling silver is considerably cheaper and less expensive compared to those made from gold and other precious metals, the beauty of it is equally beautiful and astounding.

When paired with expert craftsmanship, items made of Sterling silver really shine and stand out. They may lack the aura of royalty but still, you could easily capture anyone’s attention when you use items made of sterling silver.

Sterling Silver and Its Many Uses

From its name itself, sterling silver is usually associated with jewelry. However, there are many other uses for it besides creating decorative items.

Aside from creating jewelry and fancy household items like dinnerware, sterling silver has been used to create medical and surgical instruments because of its malleability and resistance when coming into contact with antiseptics. Sterling silver is also used in the parts of sound instruments like the flute and the saxophone.

Features of a Luxury Rolex Watch

Luxury Rolex Watch – A Brief History
The luxury Rolex watch has been around for more than a hundred years. Hans Wilsdorf registered the trademark “Rolex” and since 1908, the name Rolex has come with luxury, fame, and prestige along with quality time-telling performance.

Early on, these wristwatches were sold to jewelers who would then put their own names on the watch.

The luxury Rolex watch is one of the most famous Swiss time pieces in history. And they come with a Rolex warranty which is the best in the business.

What Makes A Luxury Rolex Watch Special?

Rolex has made several innovations in the history of watches. Among them are:

  • Waterproofing technology
  • Showing two time zones at once
  • The “Rolex Day-Date” which automatically changes the day and date on the face of the watch
  • Automatic movements
  • Ceramic bezels in modern designs

A luxury Rolex watch is a classic timepiece which now features the improved technology of a century’s worth of refined watch trade and craft. To date, Rolex is the largest manufacturer of certified chronometers which are Swiss made.

The prices of every model vary because of specifics and features like special casings and additional embellishments added. Today, there are ceramic bezels along with classic stainless steel cases which give a luxury Rolex watch their trademark luxury look.

Luxury Rolex Watch More Than Just Jewelry

A classic luxury Rolex watch doubles as a piece of jewelry because it has gold and silver on the bracelet or even on the face of the watch. Today, combined with the stainless steel models, gold, silver, and even precious stones such as diamonds are added to give a flair of elegance and distinction to the timepieces.

Models vary in features but with a Rolex watch on the wrist of a lady or a man, classic elegance is what will accompany every function one graces with a luxury Rolex watch.

Making Money in Gold Jewelry Business

gold jewelryGold Jewelry:  As Easy as 1-2-3?
With the ever increasing value of gold jewelry pieces, almost everyone wants to be in the business.

Although some people might claim that starting your own gold jewelry business is relatively easy, well think again.

Apart from finding a good source and a place to sell your pieces, starting this type of business requires a bigger start-up capital compared to others due to the financial scale of the gold jewelry business.

Careful planning and a systematic execution are also essential since it is no joke in shelling out hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

The ‘Hows’ of Starting your Own Gold Jewelry Business

If you are really decided to do this business but challenged by insufficient funds, one way to raise money is to loan from a bank or find a serious investor. Several banks offer loans with varying interest rates and paying conditions. You just have to pick the right package that suits your financial capabilities.

The next thing to consider is where to get your inventory. Identify sources and suppliers who can provide you with pure, high quality pieces of gold jewelry. Find a venue to set up your jewelry shop and create traffic.

Bring more people into your shop by advertising to friends, acquaintances and relatives. Since the internet is capable of reaching thousands of people, take advantage of the technology and make your own online website.

Gold Jewelry: Risks and Ethical considerations

Most gold jewelry shops are susceptible to theft and robbery. Invest in a good security system and keep all your glass displays locked at all times. Also, include your employees in performing security measures. Hire trustworthy people.

Lastly, purchase from conflict-free suppliers and make sure you can track down your jewelry pieces from its sources.

Basically, the gold industry involves trial and error methods. Be keen to details and observe what strategies are effective for you. Experiment and find the method the works best for your new business in gold jewelry!

Are your Diamond Rings, Real or Fake?

Diamonds rings whose symbolization date back in history as early as the 4th Century BC. The first diamonds were discovered in India. According to a famous song lyric, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds were admired because of their brilliance and strength. In the earlier times, diamonds are believed to cast out evil spirits and serve as lucky charms to bring protection in wars.

Diamond Rings: Bond Between Couples

Through time, diamond rings have represented a more personal commitment or meaning into the lives of people today. In some religions, diamond rings symbolize the most precious of relationships, particularly that connection or union between a man and woman.

The significance of the ring is easy to understand. However, the selection process of diamond rings should be just as important.

Hocus Pocus on Diamond Rings

Almost everyone is affected by the recent downfall of our economy. People are constantly finding ways to look for cheap alternatives and options. Even couples who may have already saved money and prepared for their engagement or wedding, may find themselves in an uneasy situation of choosing between having an extravagant celebration or a practical one.

In relation to this, several groups have been taking advantage of such situation by offering you diamond rings at very affordable pieces. Only to find out that you have been scammed!

Diamond Rings: Let’s Put It to a Test

If you are familiar with the properties of diamonds, diamonds have high refractive index which means that they bend light that passes through them sharply causing the sparkling effect. A good way to test this is to place the diamond upside down on a piece of newspaper.

If you can read the texts or even distinguish distorted black character texts, it isn’t real. Another is way is the fog test. Fog the stone like what you do in a mirror. A real diamond quickly disperses the heat and should clear up.

Lastly, the most conclusive way of determining the authenticity of diamond rings is through a certificate coming from an independent appraiser affiliated with a Professional organization. Think twice if they can’t even produce this kind of documents. Most probably, it’s fake so better look out for the real diamond rings.

Career Opportunities for Jewelers

The Jewelers Career Path

Jewelers are professionals, also comparable to an artisan, who employ the use of jewelry-making skills to create and restore jewelry.

jewelersThe skills necessary to produce jewelries can be subdivided into 8 parts: goldsmithing, engraving, stonecutting, fabrication, wax carving, lost-wax casting, and forging, electroplating and polishing.

Another function of jewelers involves estimating a value of jewelry and determining whether the pieces are real or fake. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for jewelers will increase by almost 15 percent through the year 2018. This will lead to an estimate creation of 2,800 new jobs. Jewelers are often fluent in watch repair as well, often in a niche such as rolex repair and other luxury watch repairs.

Jewelers Professional Qualifications

Certain qualifications enhance the employment and advancement opportunities in such industry. Though jewelers may obtain the skills while on-the-job training or informal apprenticeship, several people also consider taking up courses in vocational or technical schools or through distance-learning centers.

With the innovations in technology, computer-aided designs are becoming popular because of its accuracy and efficiency. Apart from technical skills, this job also requires excellent hand-eye coordination, attention to detail and precision, finger and hand dexterity, patience and concentration.

If one opts to work in an established jewelry shop, employers highly prefer applicants with good character since they work with valuable pieces.

Since advancement opportunities greatly depend on individual talent, some open their own businesses. In order to do this, they must first build a good reputation in the jewelry trade and obtain trustworthy jewelry wholesalers and suppliers.

One will definitely benefit on the acquisition of additional skills like marketing, sales, and customer service due to the competitive nature of this industry. According to a report dated last 2008, jewelers earn $35,360 annually, as filed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Jewelers: The Unknown Gems

The jewelry industry can be a cyclical process and highly depends on economic situations. However, demand for jewelers remain tough during financial crises since people avail services to repair and restore existing pieces rather than buying new ones.

Explorer II: Rolex’ New Baby

A man who has a heart for adventure will surely have his jaws dropped as he’ll get-to-know Rolex’ new baby, the great Explorer II. “An obsession with perfection.” as what Rolex has termed it, is indeed the era’s way of waving adieu to adventure-seeker’s ultimate quest dilemma of finding a watch they could securely rely on especially when their voyages have come to extremes.

Explorer II broke the ice that thwarted watches to work with intense precision, unrivaled robustness, and tough resistance all under extreme conditions. The seemingly impossible goal of engineering a watch that would be competent enough in meeting the standards needed by professional pursuits have finally come to a pleasing end.

Cased in 42 mm steel and equipped with a fixed bezel 24-hour hand, Explorer II guarantees its prospect users an outstanding strength and first rate accuracy. Rolex Explorer II resists water for about 100 meters or 330 feet deep, not bad to be considered as a diver’s watch. In addition to all of these, Explorer II functions an instantaneous date and 24-hour display with a GMT 12-hour hand through an independent rapid-setting. It was also built with high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers that dissipate shock energy thus reducing damage to the watch itself. Its constant oscillator, which produces a repetitive electronic signal, is powered with Paramagnetic blue and Parachrom hairspring which are both unaltered by magnetic fields and are 10 times extra shock resistant. Explorer II has a white chromalight display that ensures a long-lasting luminescence making it appear even brighter. Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) which is an independent unprofitable association that tests the precision of chronometers has endowed Explorer II an official certification that its chronometer has an unquestionable superlative precision indeed.

With Rolex’ latest Explorer II, your dreamy obsessions of extreme adventures will, with no doubt, turn out into something perfectly real!

Womens Rolex DateJust

The legendary Rolex DateJust series was introduced by Rolex way back in 1954. The first watch of this Rolex DateJust series is one of many Rolex company innovations, the first wristwatch with an automatically changing date on the dial and they named it Rolex DateJust

Since the time Rolex have introduced these amazing DateJust watches, Rolex had created and produce them under various series, each of them known for their particular features and elegance. Depending upon their choices these iconic timepieces of Rolex DateJust have been categories under Rolex DateJust Men’s and Women with their differential features particularly suitable for men and women in terms of sizes and designs. Originally they have been introduced with two classic Rolex bracelets: the jubilee and the oyster and later on other models are being introduced.

Womens Rolex Datejust

In their line of DateJust lady watches Rolex have crafted, the everlasting

DateJust Lady 31 series

, an amazing series specially designed for woman and known for its sophistication, elegance, style and detail work. These luxurious timepieces come under contemporary and classics, available in range of bracelet styles and designs. This authentic Rolex series features a 31mm face, comes under different color and materialistic combination’s with stainless steel, yellow gold, and diamond work.
All the watches of this Rolex DateJust series shares a common Rolex patent mark that is a 31 mm face, COSC Certification, bracelet covered in Sapphire crystal, Waterproof up to 330 feet and have a self-winding movement.

“Womens Rolex DateJust Oyster Perpetual Lady 31 mm”

There is one Rolex DateJust Lady 31 model I would like to review here is “Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Lady 31 mm” known for its delicate look and elegant design. Decorated with precious jewels and crafted in   18ct Gold and 904L stainless steel material, comes under various colors, dial design and decoration. Comes under gold and steel series with eternal rose gold, yellow and white gold. Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Lady 31 mm comes with two types of bezel, one is triangle groove bezel and the second is 24/46 diamonds bezel. Bezel floral patterns and the use of precious diamond stones in it all adds up to its beauty.

Rolex DateJust Lady 31

This watch gives you a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour assures the performance and ultra- precise functionality of this watch. Design, appearance, looks, colors each and every thing is crafted in a way any women would love to have them in this world.

Owning a Rolex is a status symbol, a mark of excellence and a responsibility, bear it with pride.