The Smartest Tips on Buying Watches for Women

pre-owned RolexesThere is quite a wide variety of choices of watches for women today. From the formal watches to the classy ones and up to the casual everyday watches, almost every brand manufacturer today has started releasing their own watch line. This makes it even more confusing to choose among the many watches for women today.

Know the Different Types of Watches for Women

This is probably the most basic thing that everyone needs to realize. There are different types of watches for women that will cater to specific needs, wants, and preferences. Just like with any other accessory, there are pros and cons of each.

The factors you have to put in consideration when choosing watches for women are watch movements, displays, appearance, band, finish, and features. Know the difference between a mechanical and electronic watch movement first and foremost. Do you prefer winding mechanism or a battery-operated watch?

However, more women today care more about the watch appearance. This is due to the fact that watches are now considered as jewelries and not just merely accessories.

A Quick Guide on Different Styles of Watches for Women

Do not ever forget to match your watches appropriately with the occasion or the activities you will be doing. It is simply not right to wear a dress watch when you are going to the beach or to the sports gym. Just the same, you are not supposed to wear a sports watch to a formal event or a company meeting.

The different styles of women’s watches today are casual, dress, sports, pocket, fashion, and luxury watches. The most popular ones today would be the fashion, sports, and luxury watches, which offer the greatest versatility.

Great Tips when Buying Watches for Women

When buying watches, it all boils down to a women’s preference, needs, wants, and of course, the price. The best tip everyone should remember is to research about the style and type of watches they want. Compare online and store finds to figure out where you can probably save more money when buying watches for women and review more than three times just to be sure that it is the one you really want.

Starting Your Own Watch Collection

watch collection

photo credits to GuySie on Flickr

If you are a person who really loves watches, then you should consider starting your own watch collection. There are people who became famous because of the watch models that they have in their watch collection. It might be expensive but for as long as you have the passion, starting a watch collection can be a nice and pretty luxurious hobby

There are a few things to take note of before starting your own watch collection.

Starting Your Watch Collection

You are going need watches if you’re going to start a watch collection. To do so, you need to where to get them. In building a watch collection, you need to know about other places where you can get watches. By knowing where to get watches, you can easily add to your watch collection those watch models that are rare and cannot be found in the usual watch stores.

Learn to Identify Fake Watches for your Watch Collection

When you build a watch collection, you’re not going to include fake watches are you? You would be laughed at by everybody if you place a genuine watch and a fake watch side by side. Hence it is important that you knew a thing or two in identifying which watches are genuine and those that are fake. That way, you can be sure that your watch collection will only have watches that are the real thing.

Know About Watch Appraisal for your Watch Collection

In the process of starting a watch collection, you will learn that some watches are more valuable than others. And sometimes, you will be in a situation where you have to tell which watch is more valuable. But if you knew about watch appraisal, how to determine a watch’s true value, you can do this. This will be important in choosing which watch models you will include to your watch collection.

Do Watch Brands Really Matter?

watch brandsWhat watch brands you know? You’ve probably heard of these – Rolex, Seiko, Casio, Tag Heuer, Nautica, and Omega. Some watch brands are famous all over the world; some are endorsed by famous people like Hollywood celebrities.

Watch brands serve as names of the manufacturers of the watch. It is them which give the manufacturers fame and fortune among other things.

Watch Brands = Watch Company Identities

Without watch brands, one would find it difficult to distinguish watches. Just as people have names, watch companies also have names. And because the name of the company doesn’t usually go hand in hand with advertising, it is the brand which people would readily identify with a certain company. In the case of watch companies, watch brands serve to give them identity to the public.

Watch Brands – Classify the Different Types of Watches

For a formal occasion, a Rolex or a Seiko would definitely look nice. A watch while running or cycling, you’d want a Casio especially the G-shock line with its multi-functions. Trekking at night or going spelunking in a cave, you could really use the bright displays of Luminox.

Different functions and places call for different watches also. Watch brands are important because people associate them with where they will use their watch.

Watch Brands Help Customers Make Decisions on Their Watch Purchase

All watch brands are unique from each other. There are at least a hundred watch brands for each type of watch. From sports watches, formal watches, modern watches, watches for everyday use, watch brands are so numerous you could probably create a dictionary just for them.

Watch brands differ from each other depending on their type, features, and of course price. Each watch brand presents itself uniquely to the customer; it is all up to the latter to choose which one he wants. The identity and reputation possessed by the different watch brands are what people refer to when choosing a watch.

Modern Watches – Modern Time Keepers

modern watchesHave you seen ever heard of modern watches? Everyone knows what a watch is, but what does a modern watch mean?

When people refer to modern art, this is no longer your typical painting on canvas or sculpture on clay or stone. Similarly, modern watches aren’t your typical wrist time pieces that have a minute hand and hour hand.

Many modern watches don’t have the hour and minute hands; some don’t even have any numbers at all. Modern watches are more about art and design, paired with the latest technological advances in miniature electronics.

Servicing Watches
Be sure to have your watch serviced properly. You do not want to trust your watch to just anyone. When you need proper rolex service be sure to pick someone that can get it done right.

Modern Watches Feature Cool Designs
That is how modern watches can be described. Take a look at an exhibit of modern watches and you’ll understand why they are cool. Many modern watches feature some really eccentric and artistic designs; unlike other standard watches, the designs of modern watches are unique and one of a kind.  When you a buy a modern watch, you would definitely stand out.

Modern Watches Have Practical and Unique Functions
Modern watches aren’t just for show or art. They also feature some very cool and unique functions. Aside from combining an analog and digital display and ability to be set for multiple time zones, modern watches are also equipped with other forms of gauges. Some are able to tell the temperature and air pressure. Some are equipped with a mini calculator. There are some modern watch models which display a calendar on the time face. Talk about cool functionality!

Modern Watches are an Artistic Expression of the Changing Times
Modern watches are yet another form of expression by people. People love to express themselves through art. Before, art was associated only with paintings and sculptures. Modern watches are another form of artistic expression; they portray a form of art which is in line with today’s modern technology. Modern watches signify the continuous evolution of technology paired with modern day artistry.

Womens Rolex DateJust

The legendary Rolex DateJust series was introduced by Rolex way back in 1954. The first watch of this Rolex DateJust series is one of many Rolex company innovations, the first wristwatch with an automatically changing date on the dial and they named it Rolex DateJust

Since the time Rolex have introduced these amazing DateJust watches, Rolex had created and produce them under various series, each of them known for their particular features and elegance. Depending upon their choices these iconic timepieces of Rolex DateJust have been categories under Rolex DateJust Men’s and Women with their differential features particularly suitable for men and women in terms of sizes and designs. Originally they have been introduced with two classic Rolex bracelets: the jubilee and the oyster and later on other models are being introduced.

Womens Rolex Datejust

In their line of DateJust lady watches Rolex have crafted, the everlasting

DateJust Lady 31 series

, an amazing series specially designed for woman and known for its sophistication, elegance, style and detail work. These luxurious timepieces come under contemporary and classics, available in range of bracelet styles and designs. This authentic Rolex series features a 31mm face, comes under different color and materialistic combination’s with stainless steel, yellow gold, and diamond work.
All the watches of this Rolex DateJust series shares a common Rolex patent mark that is a 31 mm face, COSC Certification, bracelet covered in Sapphire crystal, Waterproof up to 330 feet and have a self-winding movement.

“Womens Rolex DateJust Oyster Perpetual Lady 31 mm”

There is one Rolex DateJust Lady 31 model I would like to review here is “Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Lady 31 mm” known for its delicate look and elegant design. Decorated with precious jewels and crafted in   18ct Gold and 904L stainless steel material, comes under various colors, dial design and decoration. Comes under gold and steel series with eternal rose gold, yellow and white gold. Rolex Oyster Perpetual DateJust Lady 31 mm comes with two types of bezel, one is triangle groove bezel and the second is 24/46 diamonds bezel. Bezel floral patterns and the use of precious diamond stones in it all adds up to its beauty.

Rolex DateJust Lady 31

This watch gives you a beat frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour assures the performance and ultra- precise functionality of this watch. Design, appearance, looks, colors each and every thing is crafted in a way any women would love to have them in this world.

Owning a Rolex is a status symbol, a mark of excellence and a responsibility, bear it with pride.