Are your Diamond Rings, Real or Fake?

Diamonds rings whose symbolization date back in history as early as the 4th Century BC. The first diamonds were discovered in India. According to a famous song lyric, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds were admired because of their brilliance and strength. In the earlier times, diamonds are believed to cast out evil spirits and serve as lucky charms to bring protection in wars.

Diamond Rings: Bond Between Couples

Through time, diamond rings have represented a more personal commitment or meaning into the lives of people today. In some religions, diamond rings symbolize the most precious of relationships, particularly that connection or union between a man and woman.

The significance of the ring is easy to understand. However, the selection process of diamond rings should be just as important.

Hocus Pocus on Diamond Rings

Almost everyone is affected by the recent downfall of our economy. People are constantly finding ways to look for cheap alternatives and options. Even couples who may have already saved money and prepared for their engagement or wedding, may find themselves in an uneasy situation of choosing between having an extravagant celebration or a practical one.

In relation to this, several groups have been taking advantage of such situation by offering you diamond rings at very affordable pieces. Only to find out that you have been scammed!

Diamond Rings: Let’s Put It to a Test

If you are familiar with the properties of diamonds, diamonds have high refractive index which means that they bend light that passes through them sharply causing the sparkling effect. A good way to test this is to place the diamond upside down on a piece of newspaper.

If you can read the texts or even distinguish distorted black character texts, it isn’t real. Another is way is the fog test. Fog the stone like what you do in a mirror. A real diamond quickly disperses the heat and should clear up.

Lastly, the most conclusive way of determining the authenticity of diamond rings is through a certificate coming from an independent appraiser affiliated with a Professional organization. Think twice if they can’t even produce this kind of documents. Most probably, it’s fake so better look out for the real diamond rings.