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If you love math you will love diamonds and the diamond.com coupon code provided here. Why did I mention math? Because diamonds are full of angles, degrees, facets and you better be good with math to truly understand and purchase diamonds. Well, you may not need to know it well to purchase the diamonds but it is good to understand all the nuances before purchasing one. More below.

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The Math Behind Diamonds

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Did you know that to obtain the most from a diamond, to have the most reflective and shiny (brilliance as they call it), the top of the diamond needs to be 34 degrees and below is 43 degrees. There are ratios and angles that must be right to have the most impressive diamond. Cutters need to be very good at their job to obtain the best looking diamond. Of course the four C’s are they call them are important also.

4 C’s of Diamonds
The four C’s as everyone calls them are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat. Honestly the one thing that gets everyone’s attention overall all else is the carat. The carat is the size of the diamond. Before choosing which of these should be the most important thing to decide is whether you want to purchase a diamond for investment or for another reason such as an engagement ring. Here is the distinction. If you are purchasing a diamond for investment purposes you will want to learn about the 4 Cs and understand them. You will obviously need to stay within a budget but also will need to balance those Cs in order to obtain the best investment grade diamond for your money.

An investment grade diamond needs to be something others will find desirable in the future. If on the other hand you do not intend to ever sell the ring but perhaps your wife will wear it then you can balance the 4 Cs in any way you wish. From what I have seen women first look at the size of the diamond, the carat. Use a diamond.com coupon and obtain the largest diamond you can find to please any woman. I have honestly never heard any lady with a diamond wedding ring say “what is the clarity of your diamond” or “what is the color”. For a clear diamond they just want big and shiny and a diamond.com coupon code will get you the biggest and shiniest at the best price.


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